SIWW 2014 – ABC Waters – Ho Shi Ling

17 June 2014

Hi everyone!

I’m deeply honoured to be apart of Singapore’s International Water Week (SIWW). Attending the ABC WATERS seminar allowed me to have a greater insight to our garden city. It was a bright and early morning at Marina Bay Sands. Each blogger was given a tag, so here is mine!

Moving on… other than being green, Singapore focuses on attaining active, beautiful and clean (ABC) waters for all. Hence, the implementation of ABC Waters Programme was launched in year 2006 by PUB as a strategic initiative to improve the quality of water and life by harnessing the full potential of our waterbodies.

An opening speech from minister Grace Fu whom mentioned about Singapore targeting to be transformed into a integrated city scape by implementing and documenting good designs of both green and blue counterparts definitely sparked my interest as I am personally quite a fan of nature!

ABC Waters Programme called for a partnership with the 3P (People, Public and Private) sectors to jointly manage and protect Singapore’s water resources in a holistic manner. So far, 23 projects have been completed by PUB and another 48 projects have received the ABC Waters Certificate.

Below was one of the recent projects ABC had undertook, the Ang Mo Kio – Bishan park where beavers had made their appearance too. I have always loved this place for its specular design and it became my usual hangout for food (GRUB) coupled with short walks to enjoy the breeze. Other than just being a pleasure to behold, this water way was constructed to combine recreational activities and inculcate a better management of rain water resulting from fluctuating weather reports.

The other four speakers were equally inspiring as well. They shared their experience in their various expertises. To be honest, I did dazed off a little but then, it was break time! So here are some virtual muffins for you before you continue to learn more.

In case you are wondering if such projects were only for parks and for public use (as the pictures above), there are private and industrial estates awarded with the certificate too.

Another one of my favourite design was the Sky Habitat. Uniquely enclosed with green balconies containing shrubs and tree planting. Bioretention is implemented near the private social deck allowing residents to appreciate the view of the garden too. In total, bioretention basin and bioponds retain and treat runoff from 3.4% of the total site area.

With the aim of creating more green and blue ‘lungs’ in Singapore, the other key speakers touched on the various parts of the ABC Waters Programme. This includes discussion on challenges faced and going beyond them by Professor Herbery Dreiseitl, development and application of bioretention system in Singapore conducted by Dr Hu Jiangyong, project implementation strategies for ABC Water projects by Mr Howie Tan and the importance of ABC waters conducted by Professor Tony Wong.

As our city advances, it requires the transformation of urban water systems from a focus on water supply and wastepaper disposal to more complex and flexible systems that delivers a wider range of services to communities and integrates various sources of water. Other than just water, planning and design for development and redevelopment of the metropolitan area needs to be integrated with the planning and development of future water systems.

In conclusion, the key take away for me was the progress and measures Singapore has taken to transform it into a City of Gardens and Water. The start of ABC Waters Programme has benefited numerous parties; from citizens to creatures…some spots have undeniably become a part of many lifestyle.

With pressing water challenges worldwide, all of us can play a part by ensuring a sustainable water supply for all! You can consider taking the #SIWWPledge. For every pledge, S$1 will be donated to*! Simply visit to find out more. In addition, visit the WATER CHATTER blog for more water-related posts, I’m sure it would be a fruitful one!

Lastly, thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!

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