Never Too Clean

21 Jun 2013                 


When you turn on the tap anywhere in Singapore, how often do you get clean water? I daresay every single time. Thanks to Singapore’s very efficient water treatment system, all our water is drinkable right out of the tap. However, we can never be too sure about just how clean our water is.

Not long back, I was having a bad stomach every day, for an entire week. At first, I assumed it was because I ate something that had gone bad, but my stomach remained temperamental for the next few days even though I hadn’t eaten the same things since the pain started. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was the cause, so I theorized that it was because of the anxiety of getting a new job.

I was wrong. My mother had accidentally poisoned the water which I drank from by not cleaning the inside of the kettle for an extended period. It was getting rather dirty, causing my stomach to have a reaction. Many reactions, in fact.

No matter how clean the water is when it comes out of the tap, this shows how easily it is to contaminate the water again. Dozens of steps to purify water, all wasted because of a bit of carelessness. That’s not to say we shouldn’t boil our water before we drink it, but it shows just how fragile this essential resource is.

By Jax Sparrow


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