A Dollar A Minute


Can you go without touching your phone for five minutes? ‘Cause that could well equate to five days-worth of clean water for some children.

In 2014, a new campaign under the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Tap Project challenged smartphone users to not touch their phones as a personal contribution to help fund clean water. For every minute the user refrains from touching his/her mobile device, UNICEF sponsors donate a dollar (equivalent to a day’s worth of clean water) to help children in need. Discomfort aside, it’s a pretty neat concept.

To participate, users were told to navigate to UNICEFTapProject.org on their mobile devices, hit “Begin”, and then put their phones down (and well, leave them alone). As the clock runs, various facts about water and the challenge will pop up on the screen to provide users with more information about the clean-water cause. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Millions of children around the globe do not have safe, clean water to drink; and in stark contrast to that, putting our phones aside for a few minutes seem almost insignificant when compared to the amazing benefits it could bring about to those children.

I’ve only just heard about this campaign (yes, I’m a few years late), but it’s a wonderful campaign – and I would definitely love to participate in something similar to do my part for others. Sharing is caring!


By Vivian Tan



Image Credit: htxt


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