ABC Waters @ Siglap Canal (ECP to the sea) Opening 2017

Feel the wind in your hair as you take a slow stroll down the new lookout deck in East Coast Park; a bag of popcorn clutched in one hand and an ice popsicle in the other. The third Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) project was unveiled on 18 March 2017, and it was a fun day of celebration by the pristine waters.

Despite earlier forecast of rain, it was a bright and sunny afternoon at East Coast Park – absolutely perfect for family bonding. Three generations of my family turned up for the opening and we had a really wonderful time together.

There was a zumba dance performance that my aunt simply adored, and she couldn’t help but move along with the beat. Shake it, mamma, shake it!


It was an awesome workout session with great music and an enthusiastic audience. And the best part of it is that you’re actually burning calories without realising it.

It was the perfect excuse for my aunt to indulge in the free food after that. The Ice Popsicles Station was her first stop. And mine too.


It was pretty fascinating watching the vendor make those little sticks of frozen soda.


I’m fairly certain that I stood by her booth for a long, long time before heading over to the Kacang Puteh Station next door.


Age really doesn’t matter when it comes to ‘kacang puteh’. Everyone loves them!


After snapping a couple of photos, I asked for a serving too.

It was around 3:30pm by then so I headed back to the stage area (where my parents and grandma are sitting) just in time for the arrival and speech by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Edwin Tong (Adviser to Joo Chiat Grassroots Organisations).



Before long, I was on the move again – getting some cotton candy. I wanted a taste of everything for the complete event experience.


Watching cotton candy appear from seemingly nothing at all was like magic. It was sticky business so I didn’t take a photo of my fluffy treat. But hey, let’s check out the Colouring Station.


You’ll be surprised, but both adults and children actually have the patience to properly colour an entire book cover (you can redeem a limited edition Water Wally goodie bag for your efforts – while stocks last).


The books (in the image above) are interactive gamebooks that serve to educate young children on good water conservation habits, and were given out freely at the event.


I did the in-book illustrations and overall conceptualisation, so I’m really happy to see people take a copy of the gamebook home with them.


It was really heartwarming to see the children carefully colouring the book cover (illustrated by actor Edmund Chen).

That day, I got myself some popcorn to munch on too (well, I did say I’ll try a little of everything).


…And somehow found my way to the Cookie Art Station some time later. I wasn’t craving for a cookie, but it was satisfying watching others decorate their treats.


It’s an adorable cookie, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, on stage, local young talent Emmeline Koh charms the audience with her beautiful voice.


Curious about the rain garden demonstration that was set up next to the Colouring Station, I went over to take a quick look. It’s pretty neat because you can easily make you own mini rain garden at home too.


Snip snip!



I won’t write much about the process since I didn’t stay long enough to find out more.

Now, if I have your attention, let’s turn our eyes towards one last activity before we call it a day – the yoga session near the stage area.


Breathe in… Breathe out…

And with that, we’ve come to the end of this article. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!


By Vivian Tan





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