Are you a water waster?


As water demand in Singapore continues to increase, achieving a sustainable level of water consumption requires active commitment and participation of the community. So here’s the question. Are you a champion of the water cause, or are you a water waster? Take the test below to find out how you fare in managing your personal water usage at home.

Go through the table (below) and add up the points for the actions that are relevant to you.

You shower for no longer than 5 minutes +1
You use a mug to rinse your mouth when brushing your teeth +1
You fixed all the leaks in your home +1
You go to the sgPUB YouTube channel to find out “How to fix a leak – D.I.Y style” +1
You turn on the washing machine only on a full load +1
You water your garden/plants with a watering can +1
You use half-flush for liquid waste +1
You monitor you water bills and review your water usage accordingly +1
You reuse water from your washing machine for flushing toilets and more +1
You only buy water-efficient fittings and appliances (e.g., four ticks) +1
You wash your car with a sponge and a bucket of water instead of the water hose +1

If you scored between 0 – 4, you are a waster waste! Water is a finite resource that should be used wisely.

If you scored between 5 – 7, you are water-conscious at times only. You are not mindful of your water usage, but your efforts are appreciated. Nonetheless, there’s still room for improvement.

If you scored between 8 – 11, you are a champion of the water cause. You are a role model and others can really benefit learning from you. Keep it up and spread the good word!

Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility.

Make every drop count.

By Vivian Tan


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