MyWaters App


With Singapore’s unpredictable weather these days, you will never know what to expect. Last wet season in December caused quite a number of flash floods due to the crazy amount of rain. There were also days when Mr Sun decided to randomly come out and say hello while shining brightly on you when you already brought that heavy brolly out. You will never know!

MyWaters app by PUB not only have weather forecasts be readily available at your fingertips but also CCTV images which will inform you if there are any flash floods occurrence nearby. You can also subscribe to alerts on heavy rain and rising water level so it will be easier for you to keep tabs on possible occurrence of flash floods. You can even submit a report if you see any water-related activity. It is truly amazing what technology can do.


The app is not all so serious. If you have a sudden urge to explore PUB’s waterways and take your OOTD’s, the app has a list ready for you to look through. You can also collect points and unlock badges while using the app actively. With the points, you can redeem rewards such as the Water Wally merchandise.

So the next time a flash flood happens, you will be the first to know!

You can download the app on the iTunes store or Google Play.


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