10 easy ways to save water this holiday season

Are you hosting a dinner gathering for your friends and family during the festive season? Water Chatter has some tips on how to use water wisely while preparing for the year-end parties! Every drop counts!

  • When boiling food likes potatoes, pasta or eggs, cut down on the amount of water used to fill the pot. You’d be surprised that the food will cook just fine even with less water. When the food is all cooked, cool down the leftover water you can also reuse the cooled down water to water the plants.

  • Plan your food preparation in advance. Make it a point to defrost frozen food overnight inside the fridge instead of thawing it under running water. Sure, the latter way may be faster, but think of all the water that could be saved!

    Photo Credit: reviewed.com

    Photo Credit: reviewed.com

  • Wash vegetables and dirty dishes in a filled sink or basin and not under a running tap.野菜を洗う
  • Plan the menu of your feast to include food that has smaller water footprint like corn, apples, potatoes instead of meats such as beef and lamb.

    Photo Credit: Pinterest

    Photo Credit: Pinterest

  • At parties, people often lose track of which glass is theirs (especially if they move around) and end up using more than one glass. Cut down the number of glasses that you need to wash at the end of the night by labeling or marking each glass so that guests will know which glass belongs to who. Some classy ways to do this include using metallic glass markers, stickers or wine glass charms.


    Photo Credit: Amazon

  • Set the table with a pitcher of cold water instead of filling each glass. This way, people take only when they need. You can also gently remind the guests who have abandoned glasses half full of water that water is really good for them and they should drink up! 😉

  • Leftover melted ice? Water your plants with the excess water or fill your cat/dog bowl.
  • When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run. Fill one basin with wash water and the other with rinse water.


Happy holidays everyone!



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