Daydreamers, listen up!

For some, shower time is a time to relax, let your mind wander and get lost in contemplation. The only downside to your lost minutes: lots of water wasted.  


Does this comic resonate with you?

If you’re the type to spend a long time day-dreaming or belting out show tunes in the shower, it’s time to rethink your shower habits!

9 litres of water (literally) goes down the drain every minute that you spend in the shower.

Water consumption

Pulling out my calculator….that means…a 27 minute shower will use about 243 litres of water! OMG!

That long shower alone is way more than the average amount of water that one person uses in a day! (Singapore’s per capita domestic water consumption is currently 151 litres a day.)

Although Singapore has its Four National Taps, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can be totally complacent about our water situation.

four national taps

Both our local catchment water and imported water sources are dependent on rainfall. During periods of prolonged dry weather when it does not rain much at all, reservoir levels will eventually start to recede.

While we have NEWater and desalination too, these technologies are very energy-intensive and using more of it in our water supply will incur higher energy costs.

So where does that leave us?

The answer is clear. We need to save as much water as we can.

Though it’s unrealistic to drastically reduce our water consumption overnight (we still need to eat, bath and do our chores), changing our habits gradually and making good water choices certainly can go a long way.

Cutting down that long shower could be that easy first step towards water conservation you take.

Leave your daydreams for when you travel on the bus! Say NO to long showers!!


By Brooke



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