5 water saving hacks for your home

All  you need is a little genius to save a lot water!

1. Use the water left over from boiling pasta or potatoes to water your plants – just let it cool down first!

2. Ditch bottled water. Did you know it takes up three litters of water to produce one litre of bottled water? Reduce your water footprint by using a reusable bottle or just drink tap water instead!


3. Wash your veggies and fruits in a large tub or container. The tub of water can be used to soak your dirty dinner plates later!


4. Place a few pails in the bathroom to collect water as you shower. You can use the water to clean up the bathroom afterwards!

5. Don’t have a dual-flush toilet at home? Try this lo-tech DIY method! Fill up a water bottle with water or rocks and drop it into the back of your toilet. It will displace water meaning your toilet requires less water to fill!



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