What is #PhotoPaddle? And 5 useful tips to help you prepare for it.


You would have probably heard of photo walks conducted by various local Instagram communities such as instaSG, ExploreSingapore and GF_Singapore. But what is #PhotoPaddle?

#PhotoPaddle is one of the many social media initiatives by @PUBsingapore .  Basically, it is a call for Instagrammers to take photos – you guessed it right – while paddling on kayaks at one of Singapore’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters sites. I had the privilege  to observe one of the sessions at MacRitchie Reservoir and it was AWESOME!


On one fine Saturday afternoon, I made my way down to MacRitchie Reservoir to meet the representatives from @PUBsingapore and the rest of the participating Instagrammers. A short introductory lesson on the basics of kayaking cum safety briefing by @SingaporeCanoe later , we collected our kayaks and made our way to the floating pontoon.

Like overgrown baby ducklings, we took turns setting off on our kayaks and paddled towards the conducting instructor, who was waiting patiently near the reservoir bank. Once everyone had gathered,  we took a group photo before we continue paddling on our kayaks and taking photos of the beautiful calm surrounding landscapes.

The whole session lasted for about 1.5 hours but I can say that it was one of my most memorable moments at MacRitchie Reservoir. And I urge you to give it a try!



5 tips to help you prepare for #PhotoPaddle

  1. Dress Light: It is best that you are dressed in  light (or tight) sporting attire as it can be quite warm in the late mornings and early afternoons.
  1. Hydrate: Remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  1. Stay Close: Always remember to stay close and listen for tips/directions from the instructors. It is cool to be part of the herd.
  1. Take It Easy: Pace yourself. It may look simple, but if you are not used to it, kayaking can tire you out easily.
  1. Photo Gears: The organisers will provide you with waterproof casings for your mobile phones. Alternatively, you can choose to bring your own waterproof imaging devices like the Olympus TG-850, which I had used to photograph these images. But, I strongly suggest that you do not bring your DSLR or other form of expensive cameras along because you risk damaging or losing these delicate devices. #PhotoPaddle is after all a fun session and not a photography competition. Oh,  do remember to check and clear the water droplets from your imaging lenses before you take a picture.


That’s all from me! If you are interested to join the #PhotoPaddle, do look out for updates on @PUBsingapore and check out #SGBlueSpaces or #PhotoPaddle on Instagram.

You can also book similar programmes through Singapore Canoe Federation at this link: http://scf.org.sg/menu-parent-courses/menu-parent-recreation-kayaking/kayaking-orientation/.




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