Environmentalist showers only in natural water resources for a year

A screengrab of Rob Greenfield’s website where he entails the details of his adventure.

Some time back, I wrote an article about Aaron, a third year Ngee Ann polytechnic student who went days on end without showering to highlight the importance of water conservation in Singapore. He did use wet wipes and talcum powder so technically he wasn’t living like a pseudo-hobo. While there was some flak, the campaign received generally positive feedback.

However, it seems someone has one up-ed him. That someone is 27 year-old Rob Greenfield, an environmentalist and self-proclaimed adventurer from San Diego, America. According to an article on The Daily Mail, Greenfield, who runs the environmentally active marketing company known as The Greenfield Group, bathed only in natural water resources for the duration of a year. When ponds, rivers and waterfalls were unavailable, he resorted to fire hydrants and leaking taps.

Greenfield had initially chosen to go shower-free for the duration of 100 days – the projected time span of his cross-country cycling mission to preach sustainability and eco-friendly living. Upon finishing his 100 days, Greenfield extended the duration of his shower-in-natural-resources-only initiative to six months, then a year. The reason behind his daring adventure: he wanted to raise awareness on how modern man can live an eco-friendly lifestyle and as well as raise the importance of water conservation. Details of Greenfield’s (mis)adventures can be read on his website.

Personally I think it would be cool to go off the grid and go caveman for awhile – reconnect with nature and all that. ‘Cept maybe the algae bit. And I definitely would not live off food scrounged from dumpsters for any given period of time (Greenfield apparently did that for some time to highlight the issue of food wastage in the US). Clearly, Greenfield’s credentials as an environmentalist and a self-procla—I mean, as an adventurer, are well earned.

By Clarke Kent (who has failed to legally changed his name to Steve Rogers)


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