Brilliant ways to keep cool when its hot

The weather these days is unbearably scorching hot, with daily highs of 34 deg C!! Gaaah! While taking a cold shower is a quick and easy way to cool down momentarily, it’s not necessarily the most environmentally- friendly way to keep cool. In fact, every minute spent in the shower means 9 litres of water wasted. In a water scarce nation, we need to try to save every single drop! Here are some ways I try to beat the heat!


1) Spend time at cool, air-conditioned places

When the weather is hot, the typical Singaporean response will be to seek refuge at your neighbourhood malls and cinemas. My other favourite places to hide from the heat are: libraries (free books and wifi makes for great entertainment), the frozen food section of any supermarket and the cold room at flower nurseries (check out Far East Flora along Thomson Road!)


2) Feast on frozen treats

Bring on the ice cream, ice kachangs and patbingsus! I want them all. For other healthier options, you can also freeze fruits such as strawberries and grapes and eat them as snacks or make your own popsicles from pureed fruits such as banana or oranges.


3) Head to  the swimming pool for some laps

The best time to go will be in the late evening when the sun has set and the kiddoes have gone home! No need to worry about sunblock and pesky kids blocking your lane.


4) Wear loose-fitting, light colour clothes

I tend to get sunburnt easily, so if I need to venture outdoors, I’ll try to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays by covering up with light, loose clothing, a hat and sunscreen. It would be best to avoid tight and dark-colored clothes as these tend to trap heat coming from the sun.



5) Stay hydrated

It is very important to keep hydrated at all times, so I always keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge. You might be tempted to drink soda or other gassy drinks to cool down, but it actually makes you even more thirsty! Water is the best option! J


What are some of your favourite ways to keep cool! Let us know! 🙂

By Brooke Coventina

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