Building Water Infrastructure – Esther Khoo, Principal Engineer

PUB is Singapore’s national water agency, managing the entire water loop to ensure that there is water for all, while encouraging people to conserve, value and enjoy the water that we have. PUB’s scope of work is encapsulated in its tagline ‘Water For All : Conserve, Value, Enjoy’. Of PUB’s 3400-strong workforce, 80% perform engineering roles. PUB engineers are involved in planning, design, project implementation as well as operations and maintenance of Singapore’s water infrastructure in order to provide a sustainable supply of water for all.

Esther Khoo, Principal Engineer, Civil Engineering graduate

NIPE tunnel_1_a.jpg

“My work as a Civil Engineer ensures that Singapore has an adequate water supply  as we constantly look to the future and build infrastructure ahead of time. ” – Esther Khoo, Principal Engineer, Civil Engineering graduate

I joined PUB because I have always wanted to be involved in building Singapore’s infrastructure and contribute to the nation’s development. Besides, I enjoy seeing the physical construction and completion of things. I lead a project team in the implementation and management of water network expansion projects to meet the increasing water demand of the various residential, commercial and industrial estates. This includes conceptual planning of pipe routes, laying and commissioning of underground water pipelines using open-cut, pipe jacking and tunnelling methods. It gives me great satisfaction to see my completed water pipelines functioning smoothly and conveying good drinking water to all Singaporeans.

In PUB, you will always have an active role to play in the future of Singapore’s water story. Join us in shaping the future. Visit


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