Water is fortune

To many Chinese people, an abundance of water (especially if its flowing in the right direction) symbolises an abundance of wealth and fortune.

Very often, feng shui masters also recommend placing a water fountain in certain corners of the home or office for good luck.




Recently I stumbled upon this Chinese saying that goes: 水是财,见水者发财,遇水者有财,观水者进财,亲水者抱财,爱水者大财,入水者财源滚滚

Loosely translated, it means

Water is fortune,

People who see water have fortune,

People who meet water have fortune,

People who observe water have fortune,

People who are close to water hold fortune,

People who love water have big fortune,

People who are involved in water are rolling in fortune.


Since we’re all big fans of water here at Water Chatter (you must be one too, since you are reading this blog!), I guess we will all blessed with loads of fortune ya?

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Huat ah!

(PS: Since water is fortune, that means we shouldn’t waste a drop of it! You wouldn’t want to waste a single drop of your fortune right?)


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  1. Michelle

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