Mozzie Alert!

I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but dengue has been on a steep rise recently, and things don’t seem to be looking up. We love water, but unfortunately, mosquitoes love them too, and for once we have to be selfish about water and keep it for ourselves.

If you haven’t already developed a good habit of ensuring a dengue-free home, here are some tips to help you out:

1.     Change water in vases and bowls, and remove water from flower pot plates every alternate day. Even a small 20 cent size of a water drop is enough for the Aedes mosquito to breed and multiply


Photo Credit: Stop Dengue Now Facebook

2.     Ensure that all water containers that aren’t in use are turned over.

3.     Cover bamboo pole holders when they aren’t used.

4.     Empty water that may accumulate on the collar of the toilet bowl

4.     Cover toilet bowls and seal overflow pipes of flushing cisterns before leaving your home for a trip

It might seem strange that I’m encouraging you guys to pour away water, but this is an exception, since wasting water saves lives in this case. Hopefully these habits catch on. We can’t enjoy water while being sick with dengue, can we?

And while you’re changing dengue-free habits, maybe you could alter your water usage habits too, to conserve more water.

Here are a few hassle-free tips for water conservation:

1.     Turn off the tap when soaping. Every minute less in the shower saves nine litres of water. That’s enough to make 50 cups of coffee!

2.     Install thimbles, which you can get for free from our national water agency, PUB, in taps and showerheads.


This free water-saving kit from PUB includes thimbles which you can install easily!

3.     When buying new electrical appliances that use water, choose those with three ticks representing excellent water efficiency.


4.     Wash a full load of clothes when using the washing machine, and then reuse the water for flushing the toilet or mopping the floor.

If everyone plays their part, we can prevent this potential dengue epidemic from happening. Water gives life, and let’s ensure that this is always the way it remains.

By Jax Sparrow


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