Photographing the seasons

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms.

Not only do I love to post pictures of my everyday life, I love to use it to discover and search for places of interest to me.

The use of hashtags and integration of geo-location tagging in the app greatly helps in my browsing! For example, simply search for the PUB hashtag #SGBlueSpaces or #ABCWaters in Instagram and you will uncover many photographic gems depicting our gorgeous waterways, families and friends enjoying activities on the water, young and old playing and interacting with water in our everyday life, integration of waterways in our urban environment etc.

All these beautiful photos have been lovingly compiled and curated in PUB’s first ever photobook “SG Blue Spaces: In Seasons.”


Featuring close to a hundred photographs taken by 64 local Instagramers, the book is divided into four chapters mirroring the changing seasons: autumn, winter, summer and fall.

Autumn told the story about how the dry spell affected our surroundings, winter prompted us to think about the changing climate, spring was a celebration of our beautiful ABC Waters sites while summer showcased the splendid fun that people had when interacting with water.

It’s truly surprisingly to see how even tropical Singapore can experience the four seasons with a little bit imagination and creativity with the photographic lens.

Here’s a selection of the photos featured in the book!

Sail away from safe harbor. #dockvibes

A post shared by Muhammad Asyraf (@xgunsx) on

If you would like to see more, do check out the online e-book here:

Alternatively, you can also borrow a copy of “SG Blue Spaces: In Seasons” at all public libraries from November onwards.


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