Singapore through the eyes of Instagramers

What makes Singapore Singapore?

Is it our reputation for excellence and efficiency? Is it our rich history and national pride? Is it our diverse melting pot of races and culture? Is it our shared love of hawker food? Or our beloved lingua franca Singlish?

What better way to answer the question then to use social media to crowdsource for the answers!

That’s the purpose of the Mad About Singapore photo exhibition which was recently held at Raffles City from 10 to 14 October 2015.

Avid Instagram fans from all walks of lives answered the photo call with their artistic and creative photos depicting all things Singapore. I was quite amazed at the large variety of photos curated! From opulent views of our bustling commercial district in Marina Bay to down-to-earth shots of our cherished neighbourhoods and heartlands, each and every photo was a remarkable show of our nation’s identity. I also loved the photos of the people who make Singapore our home: our families and loved ones.  And of course, there were many pictures of our beautiful waterways and nature spots too, which dot our urban landscape. These places, interpreted through the photographic lens of these talented Instagramers, make our country look truly lovely.

And best of all, the photos were a great conversation starter to get people around you discussing and talking about Singapore!

The photo exhibition is curated by the folks behind the hugely successful @InstaSG (a non-commercial community group of Instagramers in Singapore) as well as PUB, the national water agency.

Over the last few months, @InstaSG has been actively asking Instagramers to submit photos that define Singapore and our way of life. The idea is to celebrate the identity of this nation through photography and social media and to globally showcase what Singapore is truly about.

From a whopping 12,000 entries that were submitted through the hashtag #MadAboutSingapore2015, 100 photos were eventually selected to form the beautiful collage of the Singapore map that we saw during the photo exhibition.

During the exhibition, 6 top Instagramers of the year were honoured and PUB also had the launch of their first ever photo book SG Blue Spaces: In Seasons, which also showcased water-related images that were crowd-sourced from the Instagram community. (You can read more about the book here)

It is so heart-warming to see the power of social media bringing the community together! And with this year being SG50, I also also find this whole exercise extremely meaningful. I just wish I knew about the initiative earlier so I could have taken part too!

Anyway, here are some of my fave snaps of the exhibition sourced from…where else…Instagram!

Her idea! Jurong Island extension.

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#sgbluespaces #madaboutsingapore2015 exhibition. Thanks all for the support!

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It's the final hours of #MadSingapore2015, and as we are looking back for a while before calling it a day, we are grateful to have @PUBsingapore as the exhibition partner this year. One of the frequent asked questions addressed during the exhibition is how @PUBsingapore is linked to instagramers community. We have the story, on how we first collaborated for #sghomework29 to highlight the awareness of water conservation during the memorable dry weather in early 2014, and how we had fun with #photopaddle just recently. The continuous support evolved to Mad About Singapore exhibition this year, as together with @PUBsingapore we planned for everything, including the design of the exhibition; how your pictures are displayed. We browsed thousands of entries to select the 100 and together with theinstagramers that represented the community, @PUBsingapore also joined the final judging panel. We planned together for #SGbluespaces too, which features the pictures from our past collaborations – and we talked about how we can support Singapore Instagramers in appreciating the #SGbluespaces around us. As we are coming to the end of the #MadAboutSingapore2015 exhibition, we have actually started to draft more creative ideas, as we look forward to a continuous partnership with @PUBsingapore – to share what we believe; that our water is precious, and our water is fun! On behalf of Singapore Instagramers, thank you again to the @PUBsingapore team for supporting this year's #MadAboutSingapore!

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