A passion for water

As a Civil Engineering gradu­ate from NTU, Yehan, 34, found great satisfaction in completing post-tensioning build­ing projects and churning out innovative designs. His eye for innovation has also allowed him to appreciate the work of his fellow engineers.

While he has worked as both a contractor and then as an engineering consultant since grad­uating from NTU in 2002, it was only a matter of time before his passion brought him to pursue a career with PUB, the national water agency as a Senior Engineer.

His introduction to PUB started early. Born in a small island in Indonesia where water is not so conveniently available, he ex­pressed how impressed he was with the country’s water manage­ment system when he moved to Singapore more than 15 years ago.

“Whenever I turn on the tap, there is clean and safe water that you can directly drink!”

NOT DESK-BOUND: Yehan also travels to various work sites as an engineer.

NOT DESK-BOUND: Yehan also travels to various work sites as an engineer.

Diverse experiences

In his six years with PUB, Yehan has been able to accumulate a wealth of experience, through postings to different departments within the organisation.

“When I first joined PUB, I was given the opportunity to plan for sewerage system projects in Singapore,” said the former NTU Hall 4 & 5 resident.

“After a few years, I was post­ed to the project management division, which happened to be implementing the very same projects that I had been working on earlier in my career with PUB.”

Yehan’s job as an Engineer is not desk-bound. Besides working at his office in Waterhub, he also travels to various work sites located across the island.

Carrying out public works exposed him to various stake­holders such as the residence or business owners.

This has also given him the chance to develop his communication and public engagement skills.

Knowledge is power

Even after having graduated from NTU more than a decade ago, Ye­han still relies on the skills that he had acquired to perform his job ef­fectively.

“Without the civil engineering knowledge gained from NTU, it would have been more difficult for me to do my job. Having said that, PUB is a learning organisation.”

“I have acquired a lot of practical knowledge and skills on the job and through the trainings that I received in PUB. These are valuable experiences in my career as a Civil Engineer,” he opined.

“PUB is the organisation that ensures clean and sustainable supply of water for its people in Singapore and I’m proud to be a part of it, contributing in my area of work to build and manage our water infrastructure for the better well-being of Singapore.”

Written by Nazri Eddy Razali © The Nanyang Chronicle
Photo Credit: Alicia Goh
Reproduced with thanks from The Nanyang Chronicle.


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