Fun ways to keep dry when it’s raining outside

The rainy season is  upon us again! You don’t have to worry about the rain, just as long as you have an umbrella with you. But why carry a conventional umbrella when you can have a really fun one! Here are some ways to liven up those dreary rainy days!

For the techies

Feel the intense need to check your Facebook newsfeed or search for directions, but got no free hand to fiddle with your phone because you’re holding on to your brolly? This is the perfect solution. The Pileus is an umbrella that includes a mobile PC and a projector to display live internet content while keeping its user dry in the rain.



For the shoe freaks

Trust the Japanese to invent something for everything! With these mini shoe umbrellas, you don’t ever have to worry about ruining your favourite pair of Manolos or Onitsuka Tigers!


For the diehard romantics

In k-dramaland or in chick-flicks, a slow stroll in the rain with your date is as romantic as it gets. Imagine walking around town holding this tandem umbrella with your sweetheart. (Note: this works best if both of you are of the same height! Ha!)


For the Star Wars fan

The Force will be strong with the one who has the power to weld a lightsaber umbrella. It’s time to unleash your inner Luke Skywalker! (Note: for extra realism, please make your own humming sound!)


For cat lovers

In dry weather, this umbrella will just look plain and white in colour. But magic appears when it rains! When the umbrella’s surface comes into contact with water, kitty silhouettes and pawmarks will appear. In fact, the heavier it rains, the more noticeable the kitties become! It’s a purrfect antidote for rainy days!



Which one do you like the best?

By Brooke Coventina




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