NDP 2015 – PUB In The Vintage Parade

This year’s National Day Parade will be one that I will remember for years to come. I don’t ever recall being so excited to watch NDP before, but this year especially, I was swept away, like everyone else, with the spirit of nostalgia and SG50! One of my favourite parts of the NDP was none other than the vintage parade segment. In fact, PUB was chosen to participate in that particular segment alongside with HDB, PSA, PA, SIA, POSB, police, fire brigade, army and nurses as these agencies had played a crucial role in the early years of Singapore’s independence.

The vintage parade was interesting to watch because all the participants had to don the actual uniforms worn in the sixties or seventies or costumes which depict the logo of their organisations of yesteryears. The retro looks are fascinating indeed! Check out the PUB contingent below!



from mindef facebook page

Credit: The first two screengrabs from Toggle (http://video.toggle.sg/en/ndp2015). The last photo is from The Singapore Army Facebook page.

The costumes worn by the PUB contingent carried PUB’s old logo which depicts the three utilities PUB provided way back then in the early years of our independence, namely electricity (red zig zag line), gas (top semi-circle) and water (bottom semi-circle). The circle represents 24-hour service provided by the three utilities!

A huge round of applause to all the officers involved in the vintage parade who practised every Saturday since mid-April 2015 to put up a great show for us!




By Brooke C


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