5 ABC Waters Project I Dream Of

The Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme aims to create beautiful waterscapes with postcard-pretty community spaces for all to enjoy. Here are 5 ABC Waters ideas that I hope will become a reality someday.

1. A&W Boathouse

Allowing people to canoe at places like Marina, Pandan, Bedok and MacRitchie reservoirs is indeed a great way to let the public enjoy our waters. However, the one thing that Singaporean love most is eating. Therefore, I think it will be great idea to launch the first ever ABC Waters eatery where people can enjoy the waters while having a good meal. When it comes to having a meal on water, every Singaporean will recall the old Sentosa A&W Boathouse. So let’s bring it back, park it at one of our reservoirs, and let us all enjoy a mug of Root Beer float while snapping Instagram pictures against the backdrop of the beautiful waterscapes.

A&W Boathouse

2. Floating pools in our reservoirs

Singapore’s weather makes you want to go swimming. It will be great if we can have floating swimming pools in our reservoirs like the floating pool at Lake Como, Lombardy. Kids can have attend swimming lessons, families can have picnics and, perhaps, sports events can also be held. We already have a floating soccer field at Marina Bay, if we add a floating swimming pool, we can host one of the most awesome sports meet ever.

Floating pool at Lake Como, Lombardy

3. Water Theme Park

If we indeed can have a floating swimming pool, why not take it a step further and create a water theme park on our reservoirs like Disney’s River Country (Walt Disney’s World’s first water park), which was connected to Disney Bay Lake and was using natural water. This project will certainly be the most Active of all the Active, Beautiful and Clean Waters project. To value add, we can make it the first ever water saving themed water theme park. Maybe we can even integrate a water recycling plant. And one more thing, in order to compete with the existing theme parks here, let’s bring back the Subarashi at our ABC Waters theme park. Enough said.

Disney's River CountrySubarashi

4. Waterfall

The man-made Kallang River at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a big hit. It is probably my favourite ABC Waters Project. Not only it is scenic, the features and thought processes behind the project is fascinating and intriguing. So how can we top that? We build a man-made waterfall. I’m not talking about a showcase waterfall like the one in Gardens by the Bay, I’m talking about an actual waterfall where people can play in the water. New Zealand, Kota Tinggi, you have been warned.


5. Water Wheel

So the projects above focused on Active and Beautiful. What about Clean? While current ABC Waters projects does include cleansing elements such as raingardens and biotopes, these features are not visually apparent. People are seldom aware of them. Hence, let’s create something like the Water Wheel in Baltimore’s Inner Harbour. Firstly, it has an interesting structure to look at. Secondly, watching it at work can be quite therapeutic. Such a project can raise public awareness and educate them to keep our waterways clean.


So what ABC Waters Project do you dream of?

By Walter Wallace


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