Grocery shopping with Water Wally

Water%20Wally%20Wobblers I was out grocery shopping with my young nephew the other day at NTUC when we realised that these cute Water Wally tags were stuck on many of the aisles there. Curious what Water Wally was doing in a supermarket, we begun to make a mental note of the locations where we found the tags. At the end of our supermarket jaunt, we concluded that the tags are often placed near aisles that sell products relating to water and the purpose was to remind people to use less water! For instance, we found the tags at the aisles where soap, shampoo, household items and washing machines were sold. This is pretty smart ‘supermarket psychology’ since these are typically the activities that consume the most water at home! So what started out as a simple grocery run turned into a mini water conservation lesson for my nephew. That day, he learned about taking shorter showers and using a tumbler while brushing his teeth. Meanwhile, I got a sound reminder to start washing my vegetables in a filled basin and accumulating a full load of clothes before I do my laundry. Useful tips to live by! Do remember to look out for the labels when you go grocery shopping. You can find them at most NTUC FairPrice and Sheng Siong supermarkets!

By Brooke Coventina


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