Young Water Leader’s Experience – Sok Seyla


Water-related issues vary in size and form in every part of the world. In the face of the issues, people from all walk of life and diverse racial, cultural, and geographical background are joining hands to play active roles to make a better world. Of all the YWLS sessions, Hydro Pitch Day incredibly impressed me in a sense of connecting entrepreneurship with water issues; whereby it changed the way I think about water.

Firstly young water leaders, private and public organizations have been tirelessly putting their effort in addressing water-related issues. In this regard, Hydro Pitch Day is a very good example of amazing platform that promotes clean technologies, particularly in water sector. The platform also mobilizes and unites talent across the planet to jointly work for sustainable water consumption and production, and improving access to clean water. Most importantly, seeding fund will be provided to the most feasible projects to make their innovative ideas into concrete product for the benefits of the world.

Young water leaders, secondly, are very passionate in initiating start-up with their creative ideas. This will encourage more young local and foreign people to follow suit. In many ways, Hydro Pitch Day pushes environmentally friendly entrepreneurship to another level in addressing water issues in the region and the world. From this aspect, I can see another side of water solutions in addition to conventional methods. Put it another way, running a business is not entirely about money making but also producing outcome to improve social development and ecological system.

Finally, the success of water solutions does not end when we have found new technologies, but it relies on how we achieve product sustainability through commercialization of such clean technologies, which is essentially one of the platform’s objectives. As a result, it requires young leaders to think beyond conceptualization and have an eye for marketing strategy formulation. Therefore, it is very important to have business-minded people, who have the knowledge of and are able to tap into new and/or existing market on the same board with talented engineers.

In overall, water-related issues present us chances to turn them into our strengths. I believe Hydro Pitch Day is an excellent example in realizing that goal, and that other organizations should consider and promote in their own territories. I strongly hope the world will reap benefit from those intelligent young ecopreneurs.

Insight Piece

Water could be either a blessing or a sin for people. Some are facing serious water scarcity, whereas others are flood-prone. Despite abundant water supply in some certain areas, sanitation concern has been overlooked. Besides, youth participation in policy making and decision process is more or less still restricted. What young water leaders obviously need to prove now are strong will, great leadership, and creative innovations.

By Sok Seyla,


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