The Singapore Creative CSR Awards 2015

CSR 2015 Official Logo - 210px by 273pxReturning for a second edition, the Singapore Creative CSR Awards 2015 recognises and honours business organisations in the private and public sectors that continually make tomorrow better than today. They should demonstrate the organisation’s ethical values, creative approach to differentiate their CSR initiatives, commitment to sustaining the programme, impact on the community, environmental and social purpose, and measuring and evaluating of results.

This year, the organiser is proud to announce the introduction of a new water sub-category – Water Management.  Being a valuable and scarce resource of Singapore, companies/individuals who practices good water management, applies innovative approaches to reduce water use, or organises water-centric programmes for the community are invited to submit their nominations. Efforts should include protecting and raising awareness of Singapore’s precious water resources.

The Chairman of Singapore Creative CSR Awards 2015, Mr Ng Khee Jin, calls on organisations to take ownership of our future, “I advocate that we get involved in EVEN THE SMALLEST programmes to be part of our community. To be the best should be our corporate ambition, but above all, we ought to cultivate the virtues of sacrifice and integrity, the application of our creativity and knowledge to better the lives and well-being of those around us. That ultimate goal helps instill a lifelong service ethic among our corporate community.”

The Singapore Creative CSR Awards is now open for entries to all organisations in the private and public sectors. Nominations will close on 28 Jan 2015.

To nominate, visit for more information.

Contributed by
Amanda Khoo
Senior Executive, Industry Services
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore


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