Young Water Leader’s Experience – Jumana Kildani


The Singapore international water week is a global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions, so coming to this event each person would have certain expectations and questions some will be answered and others will remain unknown.

To begin with when we attended the youth leader summit at the marina barrage it focused on the social political point of view and what actions should be taken to prevent water problems or how to handle certain natural disasters when they occur , while attending the international water week at the marina bay sans it was mostly the technology and product marketing aspect on how to solve the problem after it happens, no evident integration was explored between the two cases.

On the other hand meeting people from different countries and seeing how the same compound creates different problems is eye opening. It was very inspiring to listen to other people experiences and how they dealt with the obstacles they encountered, and to observe people finding solutions from what is commonly believed to be idealistic or impossible actions like each drop of water counts and one person can make a difference makes me more aware of the consequences that an individual have on the environment.

In conclusion I would have to say that the summit did reassure an existing opinions to be possible when implemented in the daily life routine of each person, and that interacting with people from all around the world makes you more aware that you always have something new to learn, but that doesn’t change the fact that both technical and social political realm complement each other and everything is connected and to find viable solutions all aspects must integrate rather than each subject to be handled separately .

On another notion, when attending the hydro-pitch day it was very motivating to see young people with new inventions, and how this summit contributed in giving them a chance for great exposure that they would’ve never been able to maintain on their own, which in my opinion makes the desire to create new inventions among youth more frequent.

Altogether this experience allowed me to access a new dimension in my field of work as an architect I was always aware of implementing certain technologies through the design for water to be used efficiently, but attending this summit made me more cautious that in order for us to obtain a successful sustainable design it’s a process that starts with us as individuals rather than just adding a system to the design, however being exposed to different cases and problems in the water sector made me realize that hybrid solutions are not always the answer, even though we might have certain technologies or processes that can be applicable around the world, we still need to address each region with a different course of action. To sum it up this experience made me feel more responsible as a Jordanian to find solutions that suit my country in specific while still integrating successful universal processes used in other countries.

Thank you for a great experience!

By Jumana Kildani


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