Young Water Leader’s Experience – Huang Zhenzhen


Young Water Leaders Summit (YWLS) is an elaborately-designed and well-prepared platform for the young people like us, who are keen to participate in the discussion on various emergent water issues. It brings students from countries with different backgrounds, professors and top level administrators together by serving as a bridge for face to face dialogues between the youth and senior professionals.

Through the YWLS sessions focusing on diverse aspects of water problems that are existing in many countries now and threaten the life of lots of people, for example, the water security, water sanitation and water stewardship, I got a better understanding of the exact practical problems with regard to water, the essentially necessary element of life. Since we seldom have the experience of lacking water supply during our daily life, we could not imagine what we should do if that really happens. However, some people living in the faraway countryside are actually suffering from water scarcity. This prompts me to think about the wasteful actions we usually take due to the less consciousness of the value of every drop of water.

On the other hand, I am likely to be critical about quality of water we consume each day, perhaps because my major is closely related to the detection and analysis of potentially toxic compounds in water. A lower degree of sanitation means more chance to be exposed to bacterial and contaminants which are the causes for many diseases, including not only common infections but also serious cancers. Unfortunately, the basic requirement of sanitation for drinking water cannot be guaranteed in some less developed areas. I don’t think our scientific researchers could not solve this problem, as there are many scientific achievements that aim to do so. One of the significant obstacles might be the cost that the poor could not afford. If possible, governments or non-government organizations could play a better role to provide clean and sanitary water by giving financial and technical supports. In addition, the demand for sanitary water that can be easily realized should be the next goal for us who make the innovation of water treatment techniques a commitment.

This summit successfully delivers the call for more attention as well as efforts in building of an economic and sustainable use and regulation of water. I am glad to see that there are so many passionate young people who are willing to take part in the actions and actively come up with new thoughts about solutions to water issues. Also, many international organizations or companies such like Asia Development Bank, Swire and Coca-Cola are positively involved in facilitating the implementation of water related projects in order to enhance the recycle of wastewater and generation of new water. Besides, it becomes clear to me now where to get advice and help if any promising idea come into my mind in future, since there are many academic or academic organizations that are established for seeking solutions for water use in the world, for example, International Desalination Association, International Water Association, Water Youth Network, etc. Last but not the least, actions speak louder than words. Have passion, learn knowledge and never stop.

Insight Piece

We are young, so we must be inspired, get involved, contribute every effort in seeking solutions to water related issues and never lose passion.

By Huang Zhenzhen


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