Young Water Leader’s Experience – Rahmazudi


The insight of the YWLS I can try what the best practices do and try to be implemented in my network, my organization and my place where I work in, I got the inspiration from Singapore and Serbia friends and others about what they did or something new in their country about the impletation of techonology for re-use water from showering to sanitation of toilet and the using of sensor for manage water consumsing. the water security and water sanitation has impotant thing to do for water sustainable in the future.   Actually in my NGO I also do simple thing in water such as bio-monitoring water for indentify the water animal (water biota) and assessing the impact of forest degradation in upstream and teach to childrens in NGO to keep use water wisely and share to them what the dangerous of polluting water to health and finding the method how to use purify water to teach to children. I also work together with NGO to promote the water sanitation at school in rural area through build the new toilet program, so I would like to implemented the result of the discussion how to maintain to be sustainably on that program. The water sanitation is important things issues that should teach to children for better life, because children and youth are the great asset to develop in the future.

Through this forum I will take the in put and try to promote the other young people in my regional to keep water clean and make it sustain in the future and the other hands keep them learning how to solve the problem on water and sanitation thru discussion forum which is involve the youth and best pratictices. Promote, sharing and keep learing is the best way to engaged the youth on water security.

Insight piece

Through this agenda, I could be learning how is the best experiences on manage the water form each country representative,  how they gave a responses and gave  the solutions to solve the problems that would be facing, how they engagaged the govermant, youth and others stakeholder to work together in manage the water for sustainability. I could be learning from their best practices on water in each country representative and their organization they work in.

By Rahmazudi


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