Young Water Leader’s Experience – Izzatul Nadilah Binti Idrus


Singapore International Water Week is the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions, gathers international water leaders and practitioners from both public and private sector to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities and celebrate achievements in the water world. Beside the focus areas for SIWW this year are Municipal Water, Industrial Water, Integrated City-Environmental-Water Solution s, and Future of Water. In SIWW, Water Youth Network session. The objective of the WYN session is to design together an action plan.

Nowadays, more than the half the world’s population is living in the towns and the cities, and the trend towards urbanization is accelerating. Seventy percent of the global population would live in urban environments by 2050. With rapid urbanization, urbanization population and economic growth, the world is facing an unprecedented increase in the demands for resources, particularly in developing cities. The associated economic, environmental and social impacts have also posed many new challenges to future of urban development.

During the Singapore International Water Week, there are many knowledge and experience by sharing the ideas with members from other country. Beside this program teach us about the important take care of environment,  and share other country problem especially about the water and how we as youth to helps to solve or decrease the impact of this problems.

The combination of SEAYEN and the other representatives from other countries around the world help other young water leaders to thinks more or brainstorm  more and also to learn more experience from others country on how they react while facing the problems and how they try to find the ways to solve about what the other country face on the water problems.

There are session for water security for future. Water Sensitivity City is one where water’s journey through the urban landscape is managed with regard for its rural origins, coastal destinations and spiritual significance. After the group discussion, I can define that the vision for water security for future is a philosophy of flexibility in supply and the technologies to facilitate the physical movement of water are designs that manifest these ideas visually for all to acknowledge and appreciate. The principle foundation for this vision are water supply catchments which is access to water through a diversity of sources at a diversity of supply scales. Next is provision of ecosystem services which is the built environment functions to supplement and support the function of the natural environment. Lastly is comprising of water sensitivity communities which is socio-political capital for sustainability exists and citizens’ decision-making and behaviors are water sensitivity.

Resilience of a urban area depends upon the ability of the urban system to adapt, resist and bounce back from disasters events. Planning for urban resilience must enhance resilience of urban elements and reduce their exposure. The reasons we need to focus on building resilience in this cities because firstly the larger populations are increasingly living in urban settlements. Secondly, cities play a vital role in a country, and thus interruption in city’s functioning can effect national economy, stability and growth. Lastly, preparedness and prevention efforts in urban areas can target more people and assets than those in rural area.

By Izzatul Nadilah Binti Idrus


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