Young Water Leader’s Experience – Mohammad Zaid Mohammad Darabseh


Water. When we are talking about water, we are talking about life! We are talking about human rights!

Everyone is growing. When we were a child, we didn’t know the importance of water. Our way of thinking changes over time.

I come from a country suffering from water scarcity, water shortage and minimal resources. It’s Jordan.

I always wonder about different countries water supply. I wonder if sanitation available in all cities. How clean is the environment and will it stay clean? Attending the Young Leader’s Summit and meeting peers from different countries encouraged me to think more and more. Hearing from the decision makers and stakeholders helped me to view the world from a different angle.

I was pessimistic about the future of water. However, after meeting my colleagues, I knew that we can secure the future of water if we work together.  We can work with the community to increase awareness, change behaviors and save water. Together, we can come up with solutions to problems.

I am more optimistic now. I believe that fellow Young Water Leaders and I can be the agent of change. We can be the catalyst for improvements.

When I return to my country, I will share the knowledge that I got during the summit. I will do my part to help discover new resources, and work on developing new techniques to solve water issues.

By Mohammad Darabseh, Jordan


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