SIWW 2014- Corliss Tan – Water Expo

4 June 2014

Hello guys!

Recently, I’ve been kindly invited to Singapore’s International Water Week event! If you’re wondering what is Singapore International Water Week? It is a place which showcases new technologies, talent development, industrial water solutions, and commercialization of technologies. All these takes places here at Singapore International Water Week.

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) brought together more than 20,000 attendees and 850 participating companies who have a collective interest finding innovative solutions to the world’s water challenges.

This year, it was located at Marina Bay Sands Conventional Centre’s basement. Man, it was huge! I didn’t manage to snap all the different companies that were stationed there (also, it’s almost impossible), and so I’ll be sharing with you guys my favourite 5 companies that caught my eye!First and foremost, it was SIWW. I thought they shared a really meaningful vision and a meaning to why they even set up their booth. People who visit their booths can make a pledge, and after every pledge a person makes, a dollar would be sent to When I heard bout it, I found it really meaningful. And so, me being a me, I made a pledge and here’s my photo! Unglam but I’m just glad that it’ll somehow help the less fortunate.

Basically you just have to stand at the blue spot and make a pledge at their booth!

The second booth I visited was Torishima. It was a station where they display pumps. These pumps are used for the desalination of plants. The pump provides high pressure for water to pass through, in order to remove the excess salt from sea water.

Why did it caught my eye? Okay I’m gonna sound like a geek now, but I actually loved chemistry when I was in JC & secondary school! Chemistry and Math has always been my favourite subject. I’ve learnt about desalination during Chemistry classes, and so, wouldn’t it be a waste if I didn’t apply my textbook knowledge to real life? HAHA. Okay, but honestly, it really got me interested the moment I saw it.The third booth that attracted me to them was ‘Tokyo Waterworks’. This was one of my favourite! Basically, Tokyo Waterworks allows people to drink tap water directly anytime, anywhere. It requires high quality water and so Tokyo Waterworks have to manage it in order to make it happen.

Here are bits and pieces of information if you’re keen to know more about it!

They passed me two samples, labelled A and B as you can see from the picture below and asked me if I could differentiate between them. One consists of Tokyo Waterworks quality water, the other is Singapore’s mineral water. I was shocked at the results cause I couldn’t differentiate between them even though I carry a bottle of mineral water with me every single day!?! I thought the experience was interesting, and the people in charge of the booth were engaging & friendly as well.

If you’re wondering what the process is, to cut it short and sum it up, they used carbon, ozone and activators during the process of making Tokyo Waterworks!Alright, the next booth was then “China Water”! They displayed pumps as well but they are diaphragm pumps. These pumps are used in China to transfer the water from their main water supply to everywhere else in the country.

Yes yes I was hopping between stations of different countries! I mean it’s interesting to know more bout how they supply and distribute water in their countries, no? Hahaha.

Last but not least, I visited the booth named “Memsys”. Their pipes are meant for membrane distillation process, consisting of flat sheets, innovative plates, and frame designs! They were manufactured in Germany.

Here are the distillation pipes!

Some additional information:

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience there at Singapore’s International Water Week. After visiting all the booths, especially those mentioned above, it just got me thinking- what would this world be like if we didn’t have clean water? It’s kinda cool how we do take water for granted at times, assuming that it’ll always be there. We never ever thought the process behind it and all the efforts by these companies just so that we can stay in our comfort zone. Isn’t it applaudable?I can never fully understand the mechanics behind all these machines, but if we were to put all these booths together, we’ll probably be able to understand how every country supplies and distributes water differently. I guess what left the biggest impact after that exhibition would still be the SIWW booth. I always had a soft spot for the less fortunate, and I thought it was sweet to spare a thought for them even here at the Singapore International Water Week. You may think “But it’s only a dollar!” Hey, every cent counts and it makes a difference! If we all play a part and try to make a difference, imagine how impactful it’ll be to the less fortunates!

It’s just a pledge and it really doesn’t take much time or effort! If you’d like to make a difference in someone’s life, you may submit your selfies/pledges to


You may go to for more SIWW related posts as well.

Here are their social media sites just in case you’d like to understand more about them!

Twitter: @waterweeksg
Linkedin: @siwwlinkedin
Hashtag: #siwwpledge

Last but not least, here’s my ootd for that day!

Alright, till the next time,
corlissThis article was kindly contributed by blogger Corliss. Check out more posts by Corliss on her blog.

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