Mothers’ Day

10 May 2014

image001A screenshot of Santa’s fellow villagers collecting water.

Mothers’ Day is just round the corner (it’s on 11 May 2014) and I just wanted to share with readers an article of what a mother from Northern Uganda has to go through in order to get clean water. Living in Singapore is a luxury to me with clean water coming right out of the tap. I only realised how spoiled I was when I went overseas – I had to boil my bottled mineral water to cook my instant noodles. This was a hassle but nothing compared to what Santa goes though.

Santa, a mother of six, lives in a small, rural village in Northern Uganda. What really awed me is the fact that as a woman she is able to carry two 5-gallon (a total of 37.8541 litres) plastic jerry cans. She has to endure constant pains in her chest due to the weight of the water.

When I was a kid, my mom would make sure my bags are packed properly, water bottle filled and she constantly worried about my safety among many other things. It’s something every mother would do. However, living in a rural village, Santa wakes up every morning constantly worried for her children’s’ health and making sure there enough water for survival.

Many of us would question why she has to travel so far to get water. Why can’t she just turn on the tap? In rural villages they do not have the privilege like us to have fresh drinking water right from tap. The only spring she relies on is out in the open and is contaminated.

Just by reading about Santa, I realise that our mothers are really great and I am really appreciative of what my mom has done for me since the day I was born. Although my mom likes to nag at me and is very strict with me all the time, she will be there to support and encourage me at the end of the day. Thank you mom! I love you.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers in the world!

By: Le Ah Beng Kia

Screenshot taken from:


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