Hydropreneur Programme: Beginnings

(2 May 2014)

I’ve been following this Hydropreneur thingamajig for quite some time and to be honest it sounds super exciting. Think about it, go get a bunch of bright minds with bright ideas, let them tough it out through an entrepreneurship course and in the end, see what technologies they have in mind to solve the world’s water situation. They should turn this into one of them reality shows (well not really, considering how Game Jam went).

What is Hydropreneur really? Basically it’s part of this wider initiative called Hydro-Gen (all these hydro-mishmash of words is giving me the chills). What Hydro-Gen is aiming for is to “develop the future generation of water leaders” (hello mister generic). The Hydropreneur programme takes a bunch of teams made up young professionals, entrepreneurs and students who are all crazy over water (yes that’s a requirement!) through a nine-week entrepreneurship course to prepare them for Hydro Pitch Day (we’re just flooded with all these hydro references…get it?) where they’ll pitch their start up ideas to the big boys of the water sector and deep pocket daddies.

Anyhoo, check out what Hydropreneur Seth Tan has to say as he looks back to the beginnings of his hydropreneuring (that was me) journey.

By: Mutton’s Soup


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