Singapore World Water Day 2014 – FiTree

13 April 2014

It is really awesome to see youths going out of their way for the betterment of society. Encouraging the people to take steps to reduce wastage is one such responsibility which the youths of FiTree have proudly taken up.

FiTree is a youth group made up of tertiary students whose focus is to educate the Muslim community in Singapore to better conserve the resources that they consume and to remind them that being green is part of Islam.

In commemoration of Singapore World Water Day 2014, FiTree teamed up with PUB and MUIS to set up a small booth  at the entrance of Al-Mukminin mosque to spread the message of water conservation.


Its all smiles at the FiTree booth!


Volunteers from FiTree take time of from their busy schedules to play their part in helping Singapore become a greener society.


Visitors to the mosque were encouraged to take water pledges.


Taking ablution before prayers is necessary but that’s not an excuse to waste water!


Whoever said that water conservation was dull and boring? 


A FiTree volunteer demonstrating the best technique to take ablution without wasting any water.


Badges and stickers were given out freely to help further spread the message of water and energy conservation.

If you know of any organisations or youth groups that are playing their part to help spread and educate the public on water conservation do let us know in the comments. You might just see them here soon on Water Chatter!

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