Singapore World Water Day 2014 – Never Too Cool For School

11 April 2014

School’s in for this year’s Singapore World Water Day with painted stairs and washroom posters!

Check out this cutesy artwork done by the students of Cedar Girls Secondary School –

Flight 1No water, no life. Especially for our fellow fishy friends!

It must’ve been a real painstaking process to paint the individual flights of stairs and to get the alignment right is nothing short of amazeballs!

Flight 2Water IS a precious resource. Let’s start saving more water everybody!

Flight 3With stairs like these who needs lifts?

Much kudos to the students who did this (I can imagine the major backaches that they’d have after all this) for such awesome ideas and designs to help share the very important message of water conservation. Every drop counts everyone so waste not!

Even Ricoh Asia Pacific got into the Singapore World Water Day festivities by sharing their water conservation posters with the Japanese Kindergarten Singapore and the Japanese Primary school.

Ricoh 1Just see what water conservation can do to your soul. That’s a million litre smile right there!

ricoh 2Sorry kids, they ain’t no mirrors, just water conservation posters.

ricoh 3I wonder how it’ll be like if all the washroom mirrors in the world were replaced with water conservation posters…


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