Singapore World Water Day 2014 – Through a Different Angle

4 April 2014

It’s been some time since Singapore World Water Day 2014 and boy do I miss all the excitement. From the four reservoir sites to the main celebration at Marina Barrage, it was activities galore for everyone who attended.

But did you know that besides the awesome festivities held at the five Singapore World Water Day sites, there were other groups and organisations that held their own celebrations for World Water Day in their own unique way?

Singapore Flyer

First up are our friends from the Singapore Flyer. Check out this astoundingly beautiful picture of the Singapore Flyer all lit up in blue for World Water Day!


Absolutely stunning! (Photo: Singapore Flyer)

From 7 to 11pm on the 15th of March, the Singapore Flyer was illuminated in a solid blue hue, powered by Phillips LED lighting modules that can produce up to 16 million colours. Imagine that!

8226263444_1c489c47fd_oFancy a ride? (Photo: Singapore Flyer)

Cake Love

Nestled in a shop house in Jalan Pisang near bustling Bugis is Cake Love. This customized cake boutique has been crafting its cake creations for its many clients since 2009. Since the opening of its cafe in late 2013, it’s been serving up delightful delicacies such as pies, cupcakes, macarons and many more with steaming hot cuppas and ice cold coolers to go along with.


The Cake Love crew.

For Singapore World Water Day 2014, Cake Love whipped up a new and unique cooler called Candy Girl. This handcrafted drink is sure to give you the sweet chills in sunny Singapore!

Cakelove3Candy Girl – lychee, coconut and blue sky in one cool blend.

Cakelove2Just another day of whippin’ things up…literally.

CakeLove1Now that’s one water droplet that I’d like to try!

Band of Doodlers X *SCAPE

Amidst the constant hub of activity that is *SCAPE, Singapore’s Band of Doodlers came down to wreck art havoc. From cute to funky and downright intricate, these amazing artists weaved in water conservation themes and messages into their doodles. *SCAPE never looked so coodler! (cooler + doodle…get it?)

Band of Doodlers (3 of 12) Check out them doodles along the walls near the rear entrance and near the open air stage at *SCAPE.

Band of Doodlers (10 of 12)Can you guess the water conservation message?

 Band of Doodlers (5 of 12)

Those veggies are just too cute to be eaten!

Band of Doodlers (8 of 12)Always a thumb’s up for water conservation!

Band of Doodlers (11 of 12)Let’s start small. A minute less in the shower saves 9 litres of water!


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