It Finally Feels Like Home Again.

23 March 2014


The grass is finally green!

I decided to take the long way home today, along the old but familiar route I’d usually take back in during my primary school years. Walking down the pavement as it snakes around thick and tall trees, crosses through a small field and punctured by the numerous thick roots, I start to feel a tinge of nostalgia, as if it’s been a long but fun day in school and I’m both bummed but glad to be on my way back home.

Why though? What made that day special enough to forgo taking the bus back home? It sure saves a great deal of time. Around 20 minutes in fact.

Then I heard it, the pitter-patter of raindrops against the dried and hardened leaves ever so softly but slowly growing, intensifying, demanding that it be noticed. Next, the scent. A scent impossible to describe in words but so wonderful to the senses.

And finally, I felt it. First against my hands, and then my face, and before long, I’m the only one out in the open, drenched but delighted.

For almost two months we had to survive through hot, dry and hazy weather. Looking at the dried leaves, almost bald trees and brown fields, it felt surreal. What happened to my beloved country?

During those months, I longed for the coolness of the air, the smell of the rain and the sight of green grass covered in rain drops. I longed for the puddles, the sound of the rushing water in drains and wet pavements. I longed for the dark clouds, the sound of thunder and the gushing winds.

Didn’t you feel like a fish out of water? I know I did. Brown leaves, bald trees, dirt paths where it once had been filled with green grass, the heat, the dryness in the air. Even when the wind blew, what hit us was usually hot, dusty and hazy air. Where were we? This is not home.

I was worried, to be honest, that the dry weather would become the long term, the new normal. Worried that things would be different from then on.

That is why, on this day, I embraced it. Like a long lost friend who has returned, like meeting a sibling I never knew, like seeing a lover after so long.

Love the rain, everyone.
Embrace it, don’t run away.
Rain is water and water is life.

It finally feels like home again.

By: Mutton’s Soup


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