Newlywed Flips Out When She Discovers Hubby’s Bad Water Habits

(SPLASH! is, for all intents and purposes, a lighthearted series that aims to communicate the importance of good water habits. Any recreation of persons, utensils, furniture, logos and writing styles is (almost) purely coincidental. Enjoy!)

21 Feb 2014

SplashA2I1Water, literally, down the drain.

SPLASH!er PearlyWhitey, a newlywed, almost made a triple-back flip when she discovered her husband’s bad water habits.

What irks her most is his tendency to leave the tap open while brushing his teeth and gurgling.

She said that throughout the four years that they were dating, she had never known about her husband’s bad traits as they would avoid hanging out at each others’ homes.

The SPLASH!er though is happy that her husband reacted well when she told him about it, with him saying that no one else had admonished him before this and is glad that she did.

She said:

“We’ve just started living together for a week in our zero COV resale flat but before this we’ve never stayed over at each others’ places before.”

“Both my parents lived through Singapore’s developing years where it was very common to have water shortages, so they instilled us with water saving habits since young.”

“I really got the shock of my life when I discovered that my hubby-bubby tends to leave the tap fully opened while brushing his teeth and gurgling.”

“Imagine all that fresh and clean water just flowing down the drain. I was so upset when I found out.”

SplashA2I2PearlyWhitey’s hubby now uses a metal cup when brushing his teeth…because plastic is so mainstream.

“I advised him that he should use a cup or a tumbler when brushing his teeth. This way, he can control the amount of water that he uses to clean his toothbrush and gurgle.”

“Every drop counts you know.”

“But I’m so happy that he took my advice so well. He told me that he had always assumed that there’ll always be water regardless but now he’ll change his habits.”

“I think I’ll buy him a new toothbrush and tumbler…because for God’s sake who uses a metal cup?!”


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