SPLASH!: Man Finds Family Washing Dishes…Under Running Water.

(SPLASH! is, for all intents and purposes, a lighthearted series that aims to communicate the importance of good water habits. Any recreation of persons, utensils, furniture, logos and writing styles is (almost) purely coincidental. Enjoy!)

19 Feb 2014

SplashDishwashingFinalA photo taken by SPLASH!er wat3rboii shows the dishes being washed under running water.


SPLASH!er wat3rboii was left mortified after seeing his family members wash the dishes under running water.

Waterboi said that they will usually leave the tap running while they scrub the dishes, essentially just wasting water.

He feels that he needs to do more to advise and educate his family on ways to save water, especially since the current dry spell that has hit the country.

He said:

“I will always try my best to save water as it is the most precious resource, especially here in Singapore.”

“Imagine that there are wars being fought in some countries just for fresh water.”

“That is why I believe that everyone should practice water saving habits anytime and anywhere.”

“I was so shocked to see my family members wash the dishes under a running tap.”

“However I cannot ask the authorities to do something because these are my family members.”

“They should wash the dishes in a sink or bucket filled with warm soapy water. The dishes should then be rinsed in another sink or bucket filled with clean water.”

“That way, they would use just two sinks or buckets of water, instead of letting the water run continuously throughout.”

“They should also wait until there are a lot of dishes to wash.”

“This should be done to save water. I hope that they will follow my advice.”


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