What the fog?!

9 Feb 2014

Nets like these (well not exactly) have the potential to save many lives around the world. Just don’t tell that to the fish.

Now, what does volleyball have in common with water?

I mean, besides, you know, the beads of perspiration dripping down those hot and sexy beach volleyball babes…

Okay sorry.

What would you say then if I told you that volleyball net-like nets (huh?) are helping rural communities get a constant supply of fresh drinking water?

Say what?! Exactly.

Fog collectors are giant nets that are set up in areas with low rainfall but high occurrences of fogs that mainly come from nearby oceans.

These nets, which consist of triangular weaves of polypropylene or polyethylene (say both words 10 times in quick succession!) and sprayed with special chemicals, will trap water vapor in the fog.

The vapor will then clump together into water droplets that will then flow down and be collected into a tank below.

The water collected is clean enough to drink instantly, though it is better to filter it to remove small specks of dirt and insects (protein!)

The nets were first set up in El Tofo, Chile, but due to its effectiveness (it collected an average of 15000 liters of water a day!), more than 25 countries (and counting) have had them installed in various regions.

Talk about a resounding success!

Check this video out to see a fog collecting net at work!

By: Mutton’s Soup


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