Kenya…pass the water please?

6 Feb 2014

Maybe Kenyans might get into the chrome craze as well.

What if you wake up one day to discover that there is a crazy huge swimming pool buried deep beneath your house/HDB block? No? Never?

Well not for the Kenyans! Though I don’t think they have HDB Blocks around there.

But back in September last year the Kenyan authorities discovered two huge aquifers, or in normal people’s words, ground water bodies, located deep underground.

These aquifers were discovered in Kenya’s Turkana and Lotikipi areas with the help of scientists who used satellite and radar technology to look for water underground…and maybe to check in at 4square too?

The discoveries are a total lifesaver for the population in these two areas which constantly experience drought, even as recent as 2012!

They apparently have this rain prayer/dance to ask for rain from the sky though didn’t really work. And now they’ve found water underground. Hmmm…

Anyway these water bodies are so huge that they are able to supply the entire Kenyan population with drinking and irrigation water for a good 70 years!

What’s more, the aquifers are replenished from distant mountains so they may never run dry.

This stroke of good fortune has been a long time coming for the Kenyans, who can now focus on crop irrigation and further development.

Two for you Kenya! You go Kenya!

And who knows, with all the coffee available, a café culture might even spring up in the country.

Would you fancy a Kenyan cuppa?

By: Mutton’s Soup


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