Saving Water, Watt by Watt

16 Jan 2014                    


I have no idea what benefit placing an empty PET bottle over a light bulb brings, but I think this is a great metaphor of my resolution this year.

It’s 2014! That means we are all obliged to set our resolutions yet again, and of course, one of mine has to be about water!

This year, I want to do more to conserve our most beautiful resource. Today, the average Singaporean uses 152 litres of water daily. That’s a whole lot of water, and there’s much more we can do to ensure that no water gets wasted unnecessarily, and hopefully, by 2020, Singaporeans would use less than 147 litres of water every day. The difference of eight litres may seem small, but multiply that by 365 days a year and more than five million people on our island, and the difference would be mind-boggling.

For myself, I will save on electricity. Yes, I am saving electricity to save water. Say watt? Let me explain how this actually makes sense.

Electricity is generated when fossil fuels are burnt and when combined with water, this produces steam. This steam then spins the turbines which would harness the electricity. According to the US Geological Survey Water Use Report, the electrical power industry is the largest user of water in the states, using even more water than agriculture, showing how saving electricity is a huge step we can take to save water. The less electricity we use, the less electricity would be produced, and the less water would be used.

For starters, my air-conditioner would be taking a prolonged break, especially now that the weather is cooler. What would you guys do to save more water this year? Keep your shower to five minutes perhaps? Let me know in the comments below!

By: Jax Sparrow


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