Water for a Good Cause

27 Dec 2013                  

Have you ever been to a restaurant, and they force you to pay for a glass of iced water? I know, when you order a meal that costs 20 bucks, footing for a glass of water that costs 30 miserable cents shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, I still despise it when restaurants charge for it. Go ahead, call me cheap all you want.

One place that I would be willing to pay for water though, is Food For Thought (FFT). FFT is a local social enterprise start-up with a focus on helping the less fortunate. One of their causes is to give clean water to those in poverty-stricken countries. According to them, bathtubs use more than 15% of the world’s water, which is truly a massive waste of precious water, especially when you think of the millions out there who may not even get a glass of clean, drinking water every day.

food_for_thoughtFood For Thought would be the only restaurant I would be willing to pay $2 for a glass of water.

While they do serve glasses of water for free, customers are encouraged to make a $2 donation for water. This money would be used to help one person in Africa get clean, drinking water for an entire year! It’s amazing how easy it is for us to help others get the privilege of clean drinking water, yet many of us turn a blind eye to it.

If you haven’t already dined at FFT, maybe you should go there for a nice dinner some time soon. The food is good, plus you’d be benefitting the less fortunate as well. Just remember to pay for your water!

By: Jack Sparrow


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