Otterly Amazing!

11 Dec 2013                  


Read yesterday’s newspaper and was pleasantly surprised to see that our furbearing aquatic friends are back. These playful, social animals that usually make their homes along coastal waters and rivers have been spotted at Sungei Api Api.

So far, netizens have posted sightings of the playful mammals at East Coast (7 Aug) Punggol Waterway (27 Oct) and Sungei Buloh (10 Nov) on Stomp. There is even a facebook page for otter spotting around Singapore called ‘Otter Watch’.

For those who are not familiar with Sungei Api Api, let me share something interesting with you. From what I read online, this river was created to look like a natural-looking infrastructure in an urban jungle. With selected plants and mangroves lining the river banks to enhance the natural environment, this river even fooled the otters. How cool is that!

Now you don’t need to pay for an admission ticket to watch and attempt to photograph these excellent water acrobats swimming and playing with other in their enclosure at the zoo.

All you have to do is head over to the Sungei Api Api early in the morning to hopefully, catch them in action.

By 1witNature


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