The Power of One

27 Nov 2013                 

“But I’m just one person”

Whenever it comes to making a difference, I often encounter people who come up with the counter-argument of: “I am just one person. What difference can I make?”.  I firmly believe that any change – any worthwhile change – in this modern day and age, has to and should come from the individual.

Let us, for a moment, change our perspective and consider the following rhetoric:

                It’s a typical sunny Wednesday morning. John is early for work. He heads down to the nearby fruit shop for a quick bite. The auntie there gives him his order in a transparent plastic bag. After enjoying the healthy snack, he tosses the plastic bag away. He makes a quick beeline for the nearby bubble tea shop to quench his thirst. He orders a large black tea macchiato. As he walks towards the office to deal with the daily grind, he realises that there is no thrash bin around. But hey, there’s a nice canal beside him. No one is watching…..he tosses it over. Urgh. He realises his hands are a bit sticky. He quickly wipes it with a serviette and also tosses it into the canal. After all, no one is watching and there are workers out there somewhere to help clean the drains…right?

With this overly simplified story in mind, Johnny Boy had littered three times. Statistics suggest that the average person generates approximately 4.3 pounds or 1.95kgs of trash every day. Discussions about fines and doing the right thing aside – imagine if John’s story is repeated about a thousand times every day.

That is the power of One.

But that power to make a difference cuts both ways. Click on the video to see how one person can make a difference.

For further reading:

By Clarke Kent


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