Sustaining our water supply

21 Nov 2013                    

Water Article #1

In our daily lives, it may be easy to be lulled into believing that water is in abundant supply. Just walk into the kitchen and turn on your sink. Voila! Clean, fresh water comes pouring out for your own personal use. What is the big fuss over water, anyways? Isn’t Planet Earth made out of 70% water? That’s plenty of liquid to go around, right?

Well… for starters, 98% of that water in Earth is in our oceans. Thus, it is unfit for human consumption due to high concentrations of salt. The remaining 2% is fresh, but most of it is currently locked up in polar ice caps, glaciers or in the air. In fact, only 0.036% of the planet’s water supply is readily available to us, in the form of lakes and rivers.

It may come as a shock to many, with such a tiny ratio of water able to support Earth’s diverse biosphere. That small percentage, however, actually equals to thousands of trillions of gallons of water! Imagine how much more water there would be if we were able to find a way to convert the remaining supply for our own use.

Until then, our water supply remains limited. It may seem plentiful currently, but dozens of future generations may be drinking from the same tap as you. The importance of preserving and conserving our water is something that should be realized among the general population and practiced, if we wish to see the beauty of Earth last in the near future.

 By: Aquaman


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