Rearing Goldfish is NOT all about Water?

8 Nov 2013                    


For a budding fish enthusiast, goldfish are always the top of their choice because goldfish are relatively easy to take care especially when they can survive in a tiny, unfurnished bowl.

Proper goldfish care is a balance of careful preparation and routine upkeep that can guarantee that your goldfish has a long, healthy, happy life. Goldfish, unlike most other fish, can easily survive in normal tap water. However, it is advisable for us to change 25% of the water on a weekly basis. Always start by filling the goldfish bowl with “aged” or “conditioned water” meaning , let the tap water sit out in a container for about 24 hours to let chlorine evaporate and the water to reach room temperature before adding it to a tank. Typically, goldfish come from waters that are alkaline because they are usually pond raised, so to make them comfortable, we should always try to stimulate the “water in the aquarium”.

Having a clean environment is also essential for goldfish to be healthy. Always rinse the tank with plenty of water. Using a hose or kitchen sink’s sprayer attachment is useful and always makes sure all soap residues are removed. All equipment or decoration submerged in the aquarium should always be rinsed with water. Ornaments meant to be on the tank should be placed before filling water so as to ensure they are sufficiently buried in the gravel and secured. Hiding spots should be created to reduce their stress however rocks or anything not meant for aquarium use should be avoided because they could transfer harmful microbes into the tank and affect the water conditions.

Goldfish need plenty of room to swim, and the more or bigger goldfish you have, the bigger the tank/space you will need. A good formula is to find the surface area of the tank (length x depth) and divide it by 30 and the number derived is the amount of inches of goldfish that can live in the tank. As a general rule, you should not keep more than two (2) inches of fish per gallon of water. For example, a 2-gallon fish bowl should not house more than two, 2-inch long goldfish.

A golden rule for rearing “long-lived” goldfish is to keep them away from tropical fish. The rationale behind is simple, goldfish like colder waters than tropical fish. The long flowing fins and slow movement of the goldfish make them an irresistible target to many fast fin nipping tropical fish. This threaten is always stressful and can be very traumatic.
Last but not LEAST, If you have a cat make sure the tank is NOT open top!!

By: Fish_Lover


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