24 Oct 2013                    


Surfing is a kind of water skiing that involves riding a sizeable surfboard on top of water. It is originated in Hawaii and it involves a mixture of usual surfing and snowboarding techniques. Nowadays, people surf all over the world or rather wherever there is a wave. Surfers enjoy the physical benefits of paddling and surfing, being in the fresh air as well as the overall wellbeing benefits of surfing.

Most surfers will get to enjoy the excitement of surfing as the right techniques enable them to lift off of the water surface and perform various air tricks. This entire process of using your bodyweight to balance in order to perform air tricks requires lots of strength. You are essentially in a highly efficient full body exercise when surfboarding. Moreover, surfers also get to delight in the beautiful view of the ocean while they burn calories and work out.

However, the ocean environment is a relaxing place, but it can also be dangerous. One needs to be able to identify the safe and dangerous spots. Surfers getting caught in rips are the cause of most surf rescues. Here are some tips to follow before one hit the waves:

  • Check the beach and ensure that you are not alone
  • Sticks to beach breaks when you are a beginner
  • Make sure the top of your board is waxed up or has some form of grip and check your leg rope is in good condition.
  • Wear a leg rope tied to your surfboard if you are a beginner.

Overall, Surfing is an excellent outdoor activity which many people can access and is also a helpful way of making friends and meeting some new people.

The next question that you guys are going to ask is “Where can I surf in Singapore?”

I would agree that Singapore has long been a crossroads for surfers seeking the perfect waves at beaches around Southeast Asia; however this island lacks the giant waves which us, the surfers long for.

However, we do have Wave House Sentosa that allows surfers to fulfill our dream of surfing in Singapore.

To get started, taking lessons to learn the correct surfing technique is essential and Wave House Sentosa has a ride clinic where beginners can get to familiarize with wave tips and enjoy a day out by the beach! However, the centerpiece of Wave House Sentosa is known as “The Wave”. It is a fully-flowing, Flow Barrel sheet wave that approximates a roaring, 10-foot wave when it’s cranked to full setting.

Are you now dying for “SURF”?

Written by: Surfer_Boy


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