The WATER we can’t do without

18 Oct 2013                    


Water is an essential item in our daily life. This is because it plays a vital part in our daily life from the moment we wake up till when we sleep. The role it plays includes but not limited to the following mentioned.

From our morning till night daily cleansing activities to keep ourselves clean such as brushing teeth, washing our faces and bathing. For household purposes such as cooking, mopping floor, cleaning of furniture and fittings, flushing of toilet bowl, washing the toilet, washing clothes and dishes, watering of plants and for water in fish tank to keep the fishes alive.

The most important part it plays is being drinking water and for making beverages because human body are made up of seventy percent water, so everyone of us need to drink water daily to survive. We also drink water to keep ourselves healthy and hydrated especially for people who does heavy labor job, people who goes under the sun often and people who exercise will have a higher consumption of water. When we fall sick we will also have to take medicine with sufficient water, so that the medicine will be able to take effect better and also have to drink more water to flush out the virus and keep our immune system strong to fight the viruses.

In conclusion, water is a necessity for everyone and almost everything. More than often it works like magic even though it may be just a plain, tasteless and odorless liquid.

Written By: Fu XiaoYun


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