The Amazing WATER!

18 Oct 2013                    


Water is extremely important in our lives – be it for our daily consumption or for our everyday activities. It is also a vital element for our body as it takes up 75% of our brain (you know what to do to have a better mind now!)

There are a lot of health benefits that are tagged with drinking water: Firstly, it boosts your immune system, so there is a lesser chance of getting sick. Having a headache or fever? Drink more water instead of reaching out for painkillers. Your headache or fever will go away sooner than you can realise it!

Drinking water right after you wake up can help to increase your metabolism for the day, enabling your body to burn fats faster and with ease. On top of that, drinking water also serves as a great way to lose weight as it is a natural appetite suppressant. So, when you have a craving for sugar or carbs next time, remember to reach out for a cup of water instead!

Next, drinking water helps flush out the toxins that inhabits in your body, which eventually leads to clearing up your skin, making your skin healthier and younger.

Other health benefits includes: Lowering the risks of certain cancers, improving heart health, improving concentration (eliminates fatigue), and also helps prevent constipation.

With that being said, we can easily see that this plain looking element known as ‘H2O’ is actually beneficial for us, so start drinking water today and gain these benefits too!

Written By: Jasmine Geow


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