A Desert Mirage

4 Oct 2013                    


Every good thing is temporary. Such is the case of water. Water disappears through almost every activity and avenue. Through our bodies when we drink it, through the plants when we water them and through ever occurring evaporation. And for something that is not replenished as fast as it is being consumed, it will one day cease to exist.

That does sound far fetched now as it is as easy as opening a tap to get water here in Singapore. What if one day, the tap runs dry, the reservoirs are bare and the water tanks are just filled with air? What happens then?

When I was younger I used to take water for granted. There is always water at home to drink and shops selling bottle water are aplenty, or so I thought.

I was on holiday in Dubai with my cousins and we decided to drive up to Oman’s beautiful shoreline. We were driving along Dubai’s coast in an open top jeep and it was such a hot day. In our excitement to go on this little road trip we had forgotten to bring along bottled drinking water. The inevitable happened: we became thirsty. Incredibly thirsty.

Our heads became so dizzy from the dehydration and heat. Our mood turned sour and to add insult to injury, we were driving beside the sea. Oh the irony!

When we finally found a shop on the roadside selling bottled water, we scampered to it, key still in the ignition, like a pack of ravaging Singaporeans to a Hello Kitty happy meal. We were a sight to behold in the eyes of the shopkeeper but our image was the last thing on our mind.

That experience taught me a valuable lesson. We may be surrounded by drinkable water here at home but as great as that sounds, it would not last. Water will not be there forever. It will disappear as fast as it goes down our throats or as soon as it seeps into the ground. We should never take it for granted.

By IllhamK


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